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Scott Salvatore


“Bring personal care and professional services in assisting you with achieving your real estate dreams.”


Being a Stamford native gives Scott a competitive edge providing passion and personal interest in the local real estate marketplace.  With his vast knowledge of this area, Scott can help with any questions or concerns regarding future real estate transaction in order to make your experience stress-free.


Scott has a Bachelor degree in both Business Management and Marketing from the University of Tampa, FL.  These degrees sparked his creativity and helped him build a strong foundation for implementing innovative marketing campaigns focusing around social media tools.  Real Estate is often the biggest, most emotional, financial decision involved in a person’s life.  Scott can assure you his total commitment in working to create the most exposure for your listing.  As well as, together, take an aggressive buying approach towards purchasing real estate. 


Growing up in Stamford, Scott is at an advantage as he attended both public and private schools.  Throughout the years, he has created many close and long-standing relationships.  Additionally, Scott’s association of peers along with the camaraderie at Nizzardo Real Estate Services, has built an immense network to fulfill your needs.  As a full-time Real Estate Agent, Scott’s responsibility is to efficiently communicate with his clients on a continual basis, constantly providing updates, and most importantly, instantly responding to their needs.



Contact Info:

Scott Salvatore

Cell: 203-536-7606

Office: 203-883-8532 ext 305


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